29 October 2015


Is anyone else excited about Spectre??? It's already opened in Europe (they get everything early!!!) and the US is getting prepare for the release next week!

Personally, it's the film I'm most excited for next to Star Wars: The Force Awakens!

I was so excited, in fact, that when Regal announced they'd be doing a limited number of Unlimited Ticket for Spectre, I jumped on it. Ha! It came in the mail yesterday and boy, it's a beauty. 

18 October 2015

'Star Wars: The Force Awakens' poster revealed! Tix go on sale tomorrow!

So, like every other nerd I know, I was anxiously awaiting confirmation of The Force Awakens ticket sales, poster reveal and final trailer! And we received it at exactly noon EST today!

Here is the glorious poster! So many details! I'm especially loving Han and Leia, side by side, because, of course, they're my OTP.

Tickets will be on sale Monday. Will you be buying any? Many? And for a single screening or the marathon? I WANT IT ALL! Plus, the exclusives!

SOURCE: StarWars.com

16 October 2015

My NYCC Wrap Up - Sunday Funday!

Day 4. Sun 11 Oct

My Sunday was spent getting autographs! I managed to nabbed one of the last two Person of Interest wristbands (that whole process was also a mess, almost a bigger mess than Saturday but don't want to rant again. Ha!). After I grabbed that, I headed straight for the Minority Report autograph line! A buddy of mine, Stark Sands is one of the leads so I've been watching the show to support him! I'll admit, I've enjoyed it much more than I thought I would!

The signing was quick, as the cast was running late. Security and staff were also freaking out about photos being taken so, sorry, no photos from me. They brought the whole cast and the poster turned out great!

14 October 2015

My NYCC Wrap Up - Saturday, It's all about Jessica Jones

Day 3. Sat 10 Oct

Saturday was my busiest day. My buddy Kalvin and I had decided to cosplay Luke Cage and Jessica Jones, respectively, and we're determined to get into the Marvel Netflix panel. Thanks to a short Friday, I was pretty well rested and headed out a few hours before the doors opened to queue up for the great hall wristbands. This, however, turned out to be a mess. 

13 October 2015

My NYCC Wrap Up - Friday

Day 2. Fri 9 Oct

Friday was my least busy day. I'll admit, I slept in more than I should but still made it to Javits by noon. Haha!

Marvel and Netflix partnered with Uber to provide free rides in these awesome Jessica Jones SUVs along with Daredevil SUVs. I tried very hard to get a ride from my place to the con but had no luck.

12 October 2015

Bergdorf Goodman's Crimson Peak Window Displays

Bergdorf Goodman revealed their Crimson Peak inspired window displays recently and they seem perfectly in tune with the films gothic theme!

Check them out below!

My NYCC Wrap Up - Thursday

Another successful year at New York Comic Con!  Though there were many bumps in the road, especially with line organisation, everything turned out great! Here's my day one activities. I tried writing every day up at once but I am far too distracted! Ha!

08 October 2015

I'm Back!!!

I'm back with a computer and just in time for New York Comic Con!

I'm heading out later today to check everything out and will try to post as much as I can this weekend!

Should be a blast!

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