16 April 2013

OBLIVION Screening and Q&A with Tom Cruise and director Joseph Kosinski!!!

I was lucky enough to accompany my good friend, Dan, to the Lost Angeles Times' Hero Complex screening of Oblivion last night! This screening also included a live Q&A with star Tom Cruise and director Joseph Kosinski that would be broadcast to screens in other parts of the country!

I REALLY enjoyed the film. It was a bit slow to start off but quickly picked up pace with some  great action and gorgeous scenery! Mr. Cruise, Olga Kurylenko and Andrea Riseborough were all brilliant with wonderful and full performances! Morgan Freeman and Nikolaj Coster-Waldau were fanstastic as well! (Though I could have used a bit more of the Coster-Waldau goodness!)

The Q&A was insightful and incredibly fun to attend!

It's availble to watch here!

After the Q&A, Mr. Cruise was kind enough to sign and take photos with almost all of the fans in attendance! What a guy!

Thanks to Dan for the photos!

Go check out OBLIVION, in theatres this Friday! If you have the options, see it in IMAX- the visuals are stunning and the sound and score are incredible!

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