07 February 2013

DANIEL CRAIG and RACHEL WEISZ to star on Broadway TOGETHER?!?!?! Yes please!

According to a report in the Daily Mail:
Daniel Craig and Rachel Weisz are in closely guarded negotiations to heat up Broadway in a play about a wife cuckolding her husband.
The talks centre on the couple appearing together this autumn in Betrayal, Harold Pinter’s 1978 cool dissection of deceit.
I've been DYING to see Rachel Weisz on stage since my good friend over at Tapeworthy RAVED about her Donmar appearance as Blanche Dubois in A Streetcar Named Desire to the point I still regret not making the trip to see it; I love both Weisz and Elliot Cowan.

And we all now how much I love Daniel Craig. Or you should by now.

Seriously though, this NEEDS to happen. I won't be able to go week after week as I did with A Steady Rain (I miss my boys!) but I would still try to go as often as possible. I'm planning on reading Betrayal this weekend. Can't wait. Especially after the description the article author describes the play: **spoilers ahead**

Daniel would play publisher Robert, whose wife Emma (who runs an art gallery) is having an affair with his friend, Jerry, a literary agent.
Pinter uses the structure of reverse chronology, and no matter how many times I’ve seen it, I’m still somewhat shocked by the stinging cruelty of the layers of deception.
I'm intrigued about who they may get to play Jerry! So many amazing possibilities! Another star?

Have you read the play? Who do you think should play Jerry if this amazing play does hit Broadway?

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