31 January 2013

Superman Unbound Trailer!!!

Nerdist released a trailer for Superman Unbound, a new animated film!

I'm really excited about the film because it has a fantastic cast! Matt Bomer is finally Superman! The perfect voice for Braniac, John Noble. And Castle favourites, Stana Katic and Molly Quinn are Lois Lane and Supergirl!
Superman Unbound, based on Geoff Johns' 2008 Action Comics story arc, finds the Man of Steel squaring off against the planet-destroying alien machine, Brainiac, while balancing his responsibilities to Lois Lane and cousin Kara (Supergirl). 
Superman Unbound will release on Blu-ray, DVD and later this year.

What do you think of the trailer? 

New IRON MAN 3 Poster!!!! Teaser!!!

While I was off having more adventures, a new teaser for the Iron Man Super Bowl spot was released, along with another poster!  Check out both below and let me know what you think!

30 January 2013

Meeting Melissa McCarthy and Mark Teixeira!!!

Last night I was lucky enough to meet Melissa McCarthy outside of The Daily Show. She was so kind and sweet! She will always be Sookie St. James to me!

After that, I ran over to Rock of Ages where Yankee First Baseman, Mark Teixeira was making his Broadway debut!

28 January 2013

New Images from Man of Steel & The Wolverine!

Oh Empire Magazine, I knew there was a reason I loved you so much!

The upcoming Superhero Preview issue features a beautiful Man of Steel cover; Henry Cavill looking dazzling in the blue and red suit.

Subscriber's Collector's Edition

27 January 2013

26 January 2013

Possibly the greatest fake game ever- Downton Abbey for SNES

You can never have too much Downton Abbey. Dan Steves who plays the delectable Matthew Crawley, tweeted a link to this AMAZING video earlier. I only wish this were real!

I'd play it, would you???

24 January 2013

Magneto and Professor X set to Reunite on Broadway!

Producers have just announced that Sir Ian McKellan and Sir Patrick Stewart are not just coming to Broadway, but are teaming up to do Samuel Beckett's "Waiting For Godot," a show they previously did on the West End, AND Harold Pinter's "No Man's Land" IN REPERTORY! 

Could this be any cooler? Not only do we in the States FINALLY get to see the much talked about Waiting For Godot from 2009, but we will also get to see them perform in a classic Pinter piece!

Sean Mathias (who directed them on the West End) will return as director for both shows.

Samuel Beckett’s Waiting for Godot "follows two consecutive days in the lives of Vladimir (Patrick Stewart) and Estragon (Ian McKellen), who divert themselves by clowning around, joking and arguing, while waiting expectantly and unsuccessfully for the mysterious Godot."
 No Man’s Land tells the story of two writers, Hirst (Stewart) and Spooner (McKellen)—but do they really know each other, or are they performing an elaborate charade? The ambiguity intensifies when two other men arrive. Does the quartet inhabit a place between reality and fantasy? No Man’s Land  premiered in 1975 at the National Theatre in London, then debuted on Broadway in 1976.
No Man's Land will have a summer try-out with details forthcoming. No set dates for the Broadway run.

I can't wait. Can you???

'Inside Llewyn Davis' Trailer Leaked!

Yet another movie I've been looking forward to with no set release date is the Cohen Brothers next film, Inside Llewyn Davis. It stars Oscar Isaac (LOVE HIM), Carey Mulligan, John Goodman, Justin Timberlake, Adam Driver, Stark Sands and more! It's set to premiere at Cannes Film Festival and personally, I can't wait to hear what those lucky people think!!!

Loosely based on the life of folk icon Dave Van Ronk, the film follows Oscar Isaac as Llewyn Davis, a struggling, aspiring musician living in Greenwich Village at the height of folk scene in the 1960s. 

Thoughts on the trailer? I'm hoping this catapults Mr. Isaac even more! 

Top Academy Award Music Medleys

With the announcement that not only will most of the cast of Les Miserables will perform at the 85th Annual Academy Award ceremony, but also Adele will perform her nominated song, SKYFALL, I could hardly contain my excitement!  I've said it before and I'll say it again, this has the makings of being on of my favourite Oscar telecasts since I began watching. (Sure, thats not that long considering it's the 85th year of the awards but hey, I can't help it.)

Looking back at some of my favourite musical performances from previous telecasts, here are a few of my favourites.

My Top Three:

First on my list is an incredible medley of Academy Award winning scores conducted by one of the masters himself, John Williams. The arrangement flows perfectly and includes almost all of what I consider to be the best film scores up until that year, 2002.

Another 'Les Miserables' Adventure!

After the experience on the barricade, which basically helped me complete my Les Mis one sheet (except for Aaron Tveit. I mean SERIOUSLY, AARON TVEIT is the only guy I didn’t get?)! I was happy but I knew I should at least TRY to get Tveit after the film finished. I found a few friends who were waiting around for Sacha Baron Cohen, who’d said he’d sign non-Les Mis stuff on the way out. I had brought along a mini poster but what I really want is a picture with so I decided to wait for him to come out. The film ends and out comes Sacha Baron Cohen. He stops and signs but doesn’t take photos. Oh well, I at least got him on my one sheet. 

I wait for friends to exit the theatre and we head over to the after party. They go in as I continue to wait outside. On his way in, I FINALLY get a photo with Scott Grimes! I’m so excited about this since I missed him a few times recently. I embarrassingly tell him he just followed me on twitter that day. I couldn’t even manage to tell him what a big fan I was! Haha!

16 January 2013

Yesterday's Attempts plus The Heiress!

Tried for Jennifer Lawrence yesterday. No luck.

Saw The Heiress again. Still loved it. Incredible performances once again, by the cast. Hope to go again for closing. <3

Today's goal: Jeremy Renner, Richard Schiff and Bobby Cannavale.

13 January 2013

The Golden Globes [Photos] [UPDATED]

My favourite photos of my favourite people at the Golden Globes!

Nathan Fillion

My picks for the 70th Annual Golden Globe Awards

Another year, another awards show. This one, the Hollywood Foreign Press Associations' Golden Globes! One I'm excited for every year because it's both television and film! Two of my favourite things.

So, here are my picks for tonight. Not necessarily who I think will win, but whose performances blew ME away.

Away we go...

I'm Back. Again.

My computer charger died a few weeks ago and since I don't have a lot of $, I ended up without a computer for a while. Well, my cheap charger finally came in the mail so I am back up and running!

A new year has come. Awards have been given with more to come. It's been a great month!

A few highlights I'll be blogging about in the next few days/week:

The Heiress on Broadway (and the brilliance that is Jessica Chastain)
The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey Premiere
Some more about Alan Doyle and Russell Crowe's Indoor Garden Party
Kathryn Bigelow and Jessica Chastain on the Today Show
Les Miserables Premiere
New York Film Critics Circle Awards
National Board of Review Awards

And a few more I'm sure I'll think of. I'm also gonna do a post on the various awards shows as well as a few fake awards of my own. Hehe!

Bear with me as I catch up and thanks again for reading!

-Elisa x

The Heiress on Broadway starring Jessica Chastain, Dan Stevens and David Strathairn! And the cast of Downton Abbey!

Dan Stevens and Jessica Chastain

I’ll be honest, I stage doored Broadway’s The Heiress a couple of times prior to seeing the show. Usually it was with friends after they’d seen the show. OR because I really wanted to try to meet David Straithairn since he rarely ever stops/signs after the show. 

Well, when Hugh Bonneville tweeted about their being a surprise for Downton Abbey fans on the Tuesday evening of the week I knew them to be in NYC, followed by a very similar tweet by Dan Stevens...I knew I had to go. Thanks to a great friend, Mauli, we secured FRONT ROW student rush tickets. I’m such a big fan of Mr. Strathairn, Ms. Chastain and Mr. Stevens so I was THRILLED to have the chance to finally see the show. 

New York Film Critics Circle Awards

I thought I'd try to write up a quick report on last Monday's New York Film Critics Circle awards. Note: I had just bought a new (& cheap) camera the day before so this was only my second time using it. 

The setup was not great; it's apparently gotten worse every year. There were barricades set up on the side of the street where the event was being held and a few on across the street where we stood.  The cars would pull in to the barricaded area and let the guests out where they then had the option to call us over and we'd be basically have to stand  in the middle of the street when they stopped or they could just go right to the door. So there was that. 

We all ended up hanging out across the street, waiting for someone to show up. 

The first to stop and sign was Tony Kushner who had won the NYFCC award for Best Screenplay for Lincoln. I got him on my Lincoln screening program.