26 November 2012

'The Performers' on Broadway

‘The Performers’ opened on Broadway on Wed., Nov. 14th. Six performances later, it closed. And unjustly so. I was able to attend Friday evening. The cast’s filled with incredible talent; Henry Winkler, Cheyenne Jackson, Ari Graynor (the reason I went), Daniel Breaker, Jenni Barber and Alicia Silverstone. 

The play’s about adult entertainers, a married couple (Jackson and Graynor), a starlet who just added some large assets to her repertoire (Barber), and an aging star, trying to make a comeback (Winkler). Along with a reporter (Breaker) and a school teacher (Silverstone), the cast ensues on an hour and a half of sexy hilarity.

My favourite line of the show. When Winkler’s Chuck Wood is talking to Cheyenne Jackson’s Mandrew about where they’re sitting (he’s in the front row) and Mandrew replies (paraphrasing) “You’re in the front row because you can’t see anything.” Wood then retorts, “They have me in the front row because I need the leg room... FOR MY COCK.” I seriously die just thinking about that line. Especially the way Winkler delivers it. 

However, Ari Graynor, whom I ADORE, steals the show. Her pouty, flighty Pussy Boots is just PERFECTLY HILARIOUS. Her character discovers she’s pregnant and when she describes how now she’ll have to play a MILF... and then how she wants to buy one of those picture frames with the inscription “First Day of School” for her baby... Too fantastic. 

And Alicia Silverstone’s return to Broadway (she was fantastic in Time Stands Still) was great! She was wonderful in all her scenes, especially those where her character was drunk and flirting with Chuck Wood. 

There was so much greatness in this show. Yeah, it wasn’t perfect but it was entertaining and relevant.  I really really wish this show hadn’t closed. They definitely didn’t give it enough time, everyone I know who saw it had a great time. It was a great word of mouth show. Unfortunately, with claims that Sandy took it’s toll on the box office, the show ended prematurely. 

I was able to see it the Friday of it’s final weekend. And I returned to see the show one final time for it’s closing performance. The crowds both times were so into it. I stage door both times, letting the cast now how much I LOVED it and how hilarious they were and that each of them needed to come back to Broadway, ASAP. 

I mourn your loss, The Performers. But damn, you were great. 

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