08 November 2012

SKYFALL/Daniel Craig Magazine Roundup!

SKYFALL IS FINALLY OUT IN THE US. Or it is, as of 12:01 tonight (unless you went to an IMAX screening last night or today, as I did). I'll talk more about the film in a bit. But for now, I wanted to have a post dedicated to the gorgeousness that is the collection of Daniel Craig/SKYFALL magazine covers that have been released recently!

The Hollywood Reporter
THR also has video footage from the photo shoot!

Entertainment Weekly

Rolling Stone
I couldn't find a full cover shot of this one, but you get the idea. :)

And a couple of my favourite of the international magazines from last month.

British GQ 

 Esquire UK

Most of these are still available on news stands! Go buy them! They're even more beautiful in person!

And of course, GO SEE SKYFALL. NOW. 

Thanks for checking this out!

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