02 November 2012

Post-Sandy NYC

Hurricane Sandy did a number on this City and region. So many people still out of power, food supplies decreasing. I was lucky up in Harlem but many friends, colleagues and others were not. The last two days I worked at our location in the West Village without power and it was a surreal experience. By yesterday, people were running out of water and food, many with children and unable to travel uptown for supplies, the buses heading that way absolutely PACKED and passing people by. And so many had no idea, no way of knowing any updates on the situation.

Thankfully, partial subway service resumed yesterday and my comute was cut from 2.5 hrs to less than one. Today, I'm working at our Grand Central location which has had power and as a coworker commented, is pretty much back to normal.

I have loved seeing this City band together, neighbours helping neighbours, and I hope it continues as we begin to rebuild.

My heart goes out to everyone affected by this storm.

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