28 October 2012

The Cast of SKYFALL on The Graham Norton Show - Daniel Craig's Bond Girl Name!

While in London for the Royal World Premiere of SKYFALL, the cast stopped by The Graham Norton Show to promote the film! Now, Graham Norton is by far one of my favourite talk show hosts. He's hilarious and doesn't hold back! The episode doesn't air in the US until next Saturday on BBC America. However, thanks to the glories of the internet, the entire episode is on YouTube. (YAY!)

It's pretty hilarious. Daniel Craig and Javier Bardem are their usual charming selves with Dame Judi Dench as awesome and spunky as ever. Definitely still tune in, if only to see the great clips from SKYFALL (out in just two weeks time in the US)!!!

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

All I can say is 'Cock Hargreaves'! HAHAHA! What is your Bond Girl name??

Let's hope this oncoming storm doesn't mess up any of the SKYFALL promotion schedule! Can't wait to see this cast do their thing in America and elsewhere!

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