30 October 2012

Castle 5x05 - 'Probable Cause' Thoughts **Spoilers**

Being sequestered in my apartment with very little access to the media other than my iPhone, I thought I would miss last night's Castle. Thankfully, by some stroke of luck, I managed to watch it. And watch it over and over and over again.

In case you missed it, watch 'Probable Cause' on ABC.go.com.

My Thoughts/Ramblings

This episode took me through every emotion possible. I'd read enough spoilers and watched the sneak peeks to have an idea what was going to happen but I couldn't wait to see HOW it would. I was not let down. 

I always love the openings of Castle episodes, how they usually combine the murder and a cut away to our heroes. This one was another perfect transition and it's always great seeing Castle fumble with weapons. 

I'd read a lot of theories in addition to those spoilers as to how it would all play out. REALLY love that they went with the 3XK set-up. I'm assuming you watched the episode if you're reading this so I won't recount everything (I'm rewatching it as I write this, surprise surprise, so this post is going to come out as rambling).

I loved the jewelry hint from Beckett, so adorable their interactions. And really how does the whole precinct not know at this point? 

A sense of dread as more and more evidence pointing to Castle is found. Poor Beckett. Stana Katic has been continuously brilliant this entire season and last. The range of emotions she's had to display in this first quarter of the season...AMAZING. 

I was also loving Captain Gates. She was in charge and ready to protect her people, including Castle. Gates is definitely winning me over.

The Lanie/Beckett scene grips my heart. So incredibly done by both actors. Did Lanie know about Caskett before this episode? 

I wish we'd seen a little bit more Alexis and Martha. And the housekeeper has my name (should I be happy about that?)!

How much creepier could Tyson get?!?! He's such an intriguing character in a clearly horrible way. He does set everything up so well for maximum torture.  And that ending...So perfect for another 3XK episode!

The handcuff comment from Castle, be still my heart. His escape and their meeting at the library...I love these two characters so much. Oh! And Espo admitting that he loves Castle, they're such an amazing family. Beckett did say she'd break Castle out of jail...

Alright. I think I'm done. I keep getting sucked back in to the episode. 

Final thought: This ep is the reason I can't get enough fanfiction! So many possible missing moment fics, makes me wish I still wrote fic. Any recommendations? 

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