30 October 2012

Castle 5x05 - 'Probable Cause' Thoughts **Spoilers**

Being sequestered in my apartment with very little access to the media other than my iPhone, I thought I would miss last night's Castle. Thankfully, by some stroke of luck, I managed to watch it. And watch it over and over and over again.

In case you missed it, watch 'Probable Cause' on ABC.go.com.

My Thoughts/Ramblings

SKYFALL Premiere in Madrid

SKYFALL premiered in Spain last night! Glad to wake up to some nice pictures from both the photo call and the premiere! 

Source: Carlos Alvarez/Getty Images Europe

29 October 2012

Gorgeous 'The Wolverine' Teaser poster revealed!

As always, my internet was acting up so I didn't get to watch The Wolverine live chat with Hugh Jackman and James Mangold. But afterwards they released the gorgeous teaser poster.
[Click picture for larger version]

Daniel Craig, Hugh Bonneville join George Clooney's 'The Monuments Men'

Ok. Best news ever was announced. This better happen. My two favourite people working on a project together. I really can't deal with this news!

From Deadline.com:

EXCLUSIVE: What a killer cast George Clooney has put together for The Monuments Men, the period drama he will direct in a co-production between Sony Pictures and 20th Century Fox. Clooney will star with Skyfall‘s Daniel Craig, Bill Murray, Cate Blanchett, The Artist’s Jean Dujardin, Argo‘s John Goodman, Hugh Bonneville and Bob Balaban.

The drama, which was scripted by Clooney and partner Grant Heslov, confronts the final chapter of Germany’s rule, which came down to the absolute destruction of everything that makes a culture keep its standing, including the lives that are lost and the sacrifices that are made. All of this is in danger of being lost forever as Hitler and the Nazis try to cover the tracks of a murderous regime. A crew of art historians and museum curators unite to recover renown works of art that were stolen by Nazis before Hitler destroys them.

The film will begin production March 1 in Europe. Heslov is producing through their Smokehouse banner. Alexander Desplat is doing the score, and the crew is the same as from the Ben Affleck-directed Argo, which Clooney and Heslov produced and Desplat scored. That latter film finished No. 1 in the box office standings in its third weekend. Granted it was not a strong weekend, but Argo became the first film to do that since The Blind Side.


Hurricane Sandy

Just took my walk out for what could be the last time in a long while. Shutting myself in for the storm. It's so pretty out now (I'm from Portland, I love the grey).

How will you be passing the time? I've got my iPad, computer and iPhone charged and ready to keep me entertained - Castle, Firefly, every Daniel Craig, Gerard Butler and RDJ movie, and much more!

I leave you now with pictures from my neighbourhood pre-Sandy!

Hope you all are faring well! Stay safe!

Yet another reason Joss Whedon is a god.

How can you not just love this guy? He does it all.  I'm never not impressed by him.

Just watch this and tell me you don't feel the same!

As cool as it would be for the zombie apocalypse come, I'm lazy and dont want to die, not a good combination if you need to start outrunning zombies (unless they are the shambling type).

Either way, Joss Whedon is a genius, a giant among men.

Fight on, sir.

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28 October 2012

The Cast of SKYFALL on The Graham Norton Show - Daniel Craig's Bond Girl Name!

While in London for the Royal World Premiere of SKYFALL, the cast stopped by The Graham Norton Show to promote the film! Now, Graham Norton is by far one of my favourite talk show hosts. He's hilarious and doesn't hold back! The episode doesn't air in the US until next Saturday on BBC America. However, thanks to the glories of the internet, the entire episode is on YouTube. (YAY!)

It's pretty hilarious. Daniel Craig and Javier Bardem are their usual charming selves with Dame Judi Dench as awesome and spunky as ever. Definitely still tune in, if only to see the great clips from SKYFALL (out in just two weeks time in the US)!!!

Part 1

27 October 2012

An Animated Bit of Fry & Laurie Reunion

From RadioTimes.com:

Stephen Fry and Hugh Laurie are to work together for the first time in 13 years, on an animated version of Oscar Wilde’s 1887 short story The Canterville Ghost. 

The comedy cohorts first found fame in the late 80s with their hit sketch show A Bit Of Fry & Laurie and continued their partenrship in PG Wodehouse adaptation Jeeves and Wooster. They’ve each since gone on to achieve international acclaim, with Laurie winning plaudits for his role as the titular character in hit US series House, while Fry has become a British national treasure, maintaining hosting duties on BBC panel show QI, as well as making appearances in Hollywood movies including upcoming blockbuster The Hobbit. 

26 October 2012

More Castle 5x05 Probable Cause Sneak Peeks! ***Spoilers****

A couple more Castle sneak peeks are out!

This episode is going to be incredible for so many reasons...!

Fangirl Friday #1 - Les Misérables

Every Friday, I've decided I'm going to Fangirl about one thing or another (not that this blog isn't just basically me doing that anyway...)! The obvious choice would be to fangirl more about SKYFALL. But because the next couple of weeks are going to be pretty much all SKYFALL, I'll take a small sidestep.

One of the movies I'm looking most forward to this award season is one that marries two of my loves, theatre and film. The film I'm talking about is, of course, Les Misérables. When they announced they'd be doing the film, I was hesitant to accept that they could do it, but as they begin to gather the all-star cast full of big screen actors and seasoned theatre actors, and an incredible director, my hope began to soar!

'SKYFALL' Rome Premiere

And 'SKYFALL' has premiered in another country (that isn't the US)! Rome, Italy held their 'SKYFALL' premiere earlier today!  Not many pictures have been released, that I can find at least, but Mr. Craig, Mr. Mendes and Ms. Harris continue to shine on the red carpet! SKYFALL is released on Nov. 9th in the United States, or Nov. 8th if you see it in IMAX.


25 October 2012

'SKYFALL' Paris Premiere

Last night, Paris held it's own SKYFALL premiere! which means, we get more gorgeous shots of the beautiful cast all dressed up!

Here are some of my favourites:

From Zimbio

The Carrie Diaries Trailer!

I'm a big fan of Sex and the City. Maybe that's an understatement. So, when I heard that Candace Bushnell was releasing a Young Adult novel about young Carrie Bradshaw, I was probably more excited than I should be. I really enjoyed it though I had definitely grown out of the main demo for it.

When they announced they'd be creating a TV series from the book, The Carrie Diaries, I was skeptical. I'll even admit now that I'm only really excited about it to see Freeman Agyeman (MARTHA JONES!!!!) back on my telly! But after seeing the trailer released by The CW, I'll be giving it a try!

Check out the trailer:

Will you be tuning in next January?

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Entertainment Weekly celebrates 'SKYFALL'!

Check out the GORGEOUS cover of this weeks EW! I always love the EW covers (which is why I'm so glad I subscribe) and this one is fabulous! With the release of Skyfall in the UK this Friday and the US Premiere next week, Skyfall fever has hit!

Be sure to go out and grab your copy tomorrow when it hits shelves!

Until next time,

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24 October 2012

Skyfall Royal World Premiere

SKYFALL finally had it's premiere yesterday at the Royal Albert Hall in London. My live stream of the red carpet crapped out so I was SOL in watching it. Sucks. Glad there are MANY photographs from the premiere.

Some of my favourites (and yes, most [all] are of Daniel Craig):

From Zimbio.

'Rear Window' coming to the Broadway Stage

From Deadline.com

EXCLUSIVE: Producer Charlie Lyons and director Jay Russell, who’ve teamed on The Water Horse and Ladder 49, have partnered with Homeland actor Tim Guinee to bring the famed noir short story Rear Window (It Had To Be Murder) to the Broadway stage. The trio worked for two years to land theatrical stage rights to the 1942 story by Cornell Woolrich, which most famously was turned into the classic 1954 Alfred Hitchcock thriller. James Stewart played the wheelchair-bound photographer who spies on his neighbors and believes he has witnessed a murder from his window. Although Broadway rights in this story have been repeatedly sought over the years from the Sheldon Abend Revocable Trust and its predecessors, this is the first option ever granted. The deal was negotiated on behalf of the producers by APA and their attorneys Jackoway Tyreman.

I'll admit, with my head hanging low, I haven't seen the film of Rear Window in one sitting. I have however, heard of it and admired it from afar. This is extremely exciting to me that it'll be coming to Broadway! I can't wait to see how they'll transform the story for the stage!

What do you think about this news? How would you like to see the production? Who should star in it?

Celeb Sightings! Comedy Central's Night of Too Many Stars

“Night of Too Many Stars” is RIGHT!  Jon Stewart/Comedy Central's annual telethon for autism was held Sunday Oct. 21st. They pre-taped many of the segments a week prior at the Beacon Theatre in front of a live audience. Sunday night was going to be the actual phone banking and a few live sketches. I’ll admit, I completely forgot about it. I knew it was going to be aired and I love watching it but it totally slipped my mind until Ed Asner tweeted about it. Saw the tweet while I was at work and changed my plans.  Unfortunately, I hadn’t brought my camera or anything other than my autograph notebook with me so I’d have to rely on others, though it worked out in the end.

After work, I rushed to meet my buddy, Dan who got there about ten minutes before me. There were only six others there! We were both so surprised! No one had come in yet we were told. About ten minutes after getting there, Tommy Hilfiger walked in. No one yelled out to him so he just checking in and walked in. 

We got lucky and could see who was coming while they were still in there cars so we were all ready each time they drove up and walked to check in. The SNL guys came first, all separately; Seth Myers, Fred Armisen, Jason Sudeikis, Bill Hader, all stopped to sign and take pictures. They all were sooo nice! Fred always has the craziest awesomest ‘autographs’. Hehe.

Meeting Gerard Butler, FINALLY **UPDATED W/ VIDEO**

My goal this week was one thing: Meet Gerard Butler.

Since I first saw him in "Dear Frankie," I've been a huge fan.  As someone who grew up without a father, I identified with the boy in the film and I thought Gerard was just amazing in it. He's one of the few actors I'd go see anything he's in (I saw The Ugly Truth five times in theatres).

I'd missed him in the past when he was doing promo work, for various reason - school, work, etc.
Though I did managed to see him up close at the premiere of The BOUNTY HUNTER:

This time I would NOT miss out. He was going to be in town promoting his new surfing film, Chasing Mavericks, a film I can't wait to see!  I happened to have Monday and Tuesday off and although I failed the first two chances (on Monday), I knew my best chance would be Tuesday, and boy was I right!
"Chasing Mavericks" trailer

I headed out to The Daily Show, there was a decent number of people but I had hope; this would happen today.

After about an hour, he arrived, He immediately started signing for the pros. I was wedged in there but quietly and politely asked if he would sign my autograph book. He said sure and gave me a small smile. I really just wanted a picture with him but he seemed to be in a hurry and I did get really nervous. He was really nice with everyone and greeted his fans so warmly! What a guy!

After he went in, I decided to stick around, in hopes I could get a picture with him. I realized then that I still don't have a camera with a working flash (frustrating). So, I hoped that my Panasonic would take a decent night shot. An hour later, he came back out and again was so nice to everyone, signing (yet again) for the pros. I quietly ask if I could have a picture and he smiled again and I got my picture! He rubbed my back and when I said "Thank you," he replied "Thank you, sweetie." I died. Seriously, could he be any nicer? Perfect.

Chasing Mavericks opens 26 October 2012 and stars Gerard Butler, Jonny Weston, Elisabeth Shue, Abigail Spencer, Leven Rambin, Greg Long, Peter Mel, Zach Wormhoudt. The film is directed by Michael Apted, Curtis Hanson.

Until next time,

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Castle 5x05, Probable Cause Sneak Peek **Possible Spoilers**

And a new sneak peek for Castle 5x05 Probable Cause was released yesterday. This is the PERFECT sneak peek; Totally leaves me wanting more. I can't wait for this episode. I can't believe anything would completely convince the detectives that Castle is capable of murder but apparently SOMETHING does!   Who is setting him up!?!?! Poor Kate! Such a new relationship (romance-wise at least) and already a wrench has been thrown in.

What did you think of the promo?

Until next time,

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23 October 2012

Fangirling To The Max - Iron Man 3 and Skyfall World Premiere

Today is an official fangirling day for me.

The Iron Man 3 trailer is out.
Skyfall has it's Royal World Premiere at the Royal Albert Hall.  
Two films I've been anxiously awaiting.

Iron Man 3 was one of the two panels I was determined to go to at SDCC (The Firefly 10th anniversary panel was the other). I was NOT disappointed. Even though they had a new director, Shane Black, under the wise instruction of Iron Man 1 & 2 director, Jon Favreau who returns in the third film as recurring character, Happy Hogan,  showed us AWESOME footage from the as of then incomplete film! I died. We had a glimpse of Ben Kingsley's Mandarin, the gorgeous Guy Pierce as Aldrich Killian, the ever-lovely Gwyneth Paltrow as Pepper Potts and of course, the incomparable Robert Downey Jr.. And we even got a great clip of banter between Happy and Tony. It was yet another perfect panel from the awesome Iron Man crew. 

So now that the official trailer is out... My mind has been blown even more. 
Watch the trailer here: 

We get a glimpse at Iron Patriot, as well as a pretty good glimpse of what the story will be.  We see Maya Hansen (Rebecca Hall), Guy Pierce again, The NEW suit, Rhodey, a great voiceover by Ben Kingsley's Mandarin, and a new question that must be answered, WHO is in the suit? I just keep rewatching and rewatching.  What did you think? Are you even more stoked for 3 May 2013??? 

 Exclusive IMAX Midnight Showing Poster

Second awesome thing happening today is the Royal World Premiere of SKYFALL at Royal Albert Hall. It's the 50th Anniversary of James Bond and I couldn't be more excited about the return of the MI6 agent. Daniel Craig, one of my favourite human beings on earth, returns as the brilliant and brutal Bond in that reunites him with Road To Perdition director, Sam Mendes. The reviews have been extremely positive and all I can say is how jealous I am of all the people who get to see it in the two weeks prior to it being released in the US. The cast is incredible, so thrilled about the addition of Ben Whishaw as Q. I saw him in MCC's The Pride a couple of years back and WOW. Basically, it's going to be a wild ride. 

And because it's the 50th Anniversary, they're even streaming the red carpet for those of us who aren't cool enough to be there! 

WHEN: Tuesday, October 23rd, at 12noon EST / 9:00am PST (5pm London Time) 
WHERE: The Royal Albert Hall in London, UK 


So, DO NOT miss out on seeing the lovely faces of Dame Judi Dench, Javier Bardem,  Naomie Harris and Berenice Marlohe! As well as a number of other guests including Sherlock's Benedict Cumberbatch!

It starts NOW so, yeah, get on that!

Until next time. 

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